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Why you should choose Pakoštane for your summer vacation in Croatia

Pakoštane has a long tradition in hospitality, and thousands of tourist from all over the world have chosen it to be their second home on their summer vacation in Croatia. Here are some of the main reasons so many return to Pakoštane year after year.

Why you should choose Pakoštane for your summer vacation in Croatia Why you should choose Pakoštane for your summer vacation in Croatia


The natural beauty of Pakoštane archipelago

Most of those who have had the opportunity to visit Pakoštane have quickly developed an affection for it, and the natural beauty surrounding it was certainly one of the main reasons for it. Situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Vrana Lake, and surrounded by lush natural pine forests, it is abundant in natural beauty. The nearby islands of St. Justina, Veli Školj, Babuljaš, Žavinac Mali, and Žavinac Veli are just off the coast and are popular natural attractions in the Pakoštane area. Many visit them by kayak or SUP to spend an afternoon swimming and sunbathing.

Pakoštane coastline is ideal for leisurely walks, especially in the late afternoon and evening hours, with stunning views along the way. If you're looking to take some great vacation photos, watching sunsets by the sea on one of the beaches or coastal trails will give you sights you won't soon forget.

If you prefer to take a swim in the lake, Vrana Lake is less than ten minutes drive away, and there is a bike track that goes all around it. If you didn't bring your own bike, you can easily rent them from the front desk if you're staying in our resort.


Mediterranian charm of Pakoštane

Like most of the towns and villages in the Zadar region, Pakoštane has kept a lot of its authentic Mediterranean ambiance and charm. Like most of the towns in Dalmatia and the entire Croatian coast, its history dates back centuries and offers an authentic experience for all who choose to spend their family vacation in Croatia. Narrow streets in the old center reflect the rich history and unique ambiance of destinations on the Croatian coast.

Many details and customs still reflect the characteristic lifestyle and traditions of Dalmatia, which provide a memorable atmosphere. Whether it's the small fishing boats in the harbor, or the old houses, many of which have been adapted for tourists looking for vacation accommodation on their holiday in Pakoštane, visitors are immersed in its beauty.

In the summer several cultural manifestations showcase Dalmatian gastronomy and folklore, where visitors can taste traditional local delicacies and even enjoy some spectacular reenactments of significant historical events in Pakoštane and Zadar region. Needless to say, they give visitors a unique and entertaining vacation experience.


Vicinity of natural attractions in the Zadar region

Zadar and the surrounding area, including Pakotane, are popular tourist destinations for numerous reasons, but the allure of its natural attractions might be the greatest of them all. The captivating beauty of the coastline, ordained with countless islands and islets will leave no one indifferent.

Most of the islands and islets in the Zadar archipelago, as well as in the vicinity of Pakoštane, are uninhabited. For this reason, they are a great place to look for a day trip destination or just a wild beach far from beaches frequented by tourists.

National Park Kornati is just a short boat ride from Pakoštane, and a tour is a great and easy way to witness the monumental beauty of its cliffs and coves.

Nature Park Telaščica is among the most beloved destinations for boat tours and day trips, and it too is just a short boat ride away.

Other than attracting many fishing enthusiasts and anglers from all over Europe, Vrana Lake itself is a Nature Park, as well as an ornithological reserve, and is frequented by nature lovers and all who enjoy the serenity of its coast and the surrounding natural pine forest.

A short drive up north takes you to National Park Paklenica, where you can marvel at the raw beauty of the Velebit mountain and its imposing karst formations.

National Park Plitvice is a must for all who enjoy spending time in nature visiting Croatia. Seeing the captivating greenery of this gem of Croatian natural attractions, paired with its serene lakes and mesmerizing waterfalls, is for sure one of the highlights of a vacation in the Zadar area.

Add to it countless hidden spots in the Pakoštane area that you can discover yourself and you are guaranteed to fall in love with it as countless others have before you.


Vicinity of historical and cultural attractions in the Zadar region

Just over half an hour's drive away, Zadar poses as the historical and cultural center of the region, and a vacation in Pakoštane would not be complete without a visit to some of its attractions. Some of the most popular historical attractions in the city of Zadar are the Church of St. Donat, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the Roman Forum, and the Church of St. Mary, all situated on the city's peninsula.

The Sea Organ is an intriguing architectural installation decorating the city's waterfront, that plays sounds as waves push air into its tubes and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Zadar county.

Greeting to the Sun is also one of the favorite spots to visit for all on holiday in and around Zadar. This installation of solar panels charges during the day and then creates a beautiful light show at night.

Just 7 kilometers away from Pakoštane in Vrana, you’ll find Maškovića Han residence from the 17th century, and the Gradina fort dating back as far as the 11th century. As a testament to the rich and eventful historical heritage of the area, they are certainly worth the visit during your holiday in Pakoštane.

A mere half an hour's drive away and towering over the town of Benkovac, 16th-century Benković castle offers one of the more impressive views in the area, as well as a heritage museum for visitors wishing to learn more about its history.


Beaches in Pakoštane

When it comes to beaches in Pakoštane there's something for every taste. From the beautiful shallow sandy beach in Pine Beach Pakoštane, and the fine gravel beaches of Pilatuša Beach and Janice to wild stone beaches further along the coast to the east, and an FKK beach to the far west, you'll have plenty to choose from.

Pine Beach – the only fully sandy beach in Pakoštane and located in the Pine Beach Pakoštane resort, it is perfect for families with children. Located in a natural cove in the pine forest, with fine sand and shallow water, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful beach in the Pakoštane area.

Janice Beach – since it is situated in the very center of Pakoštane, with plenty of bars and fast foods, it is the most visited one. The area of the beach adjacent to the port is concrete paved, and the surface changes to fine gravel further to the east.

Vrulja Beach – further to the east of the center of Pakoštane, following the walkway going along the coast, it is a fine gravel beach too, with a clear sea and a few places where you can buy food, ice cream or have a refreshment.

Pilatuša Beach – ranging from natural stony areas to fine gravel, it is just west of the Pine Beach resort, with two bars and several fast foods available

Punta Beach – some 5 minutes walk from the center, this fine gravel beach is very popular due to its vicinity to the center and available rentals at the beach.

FKK beach – furthest to the west, past the Pilatuša Beach and in the natural pine forest, it is mostly stony or covered with large pebbles.

Several other attractive beaches are worth considering, particularly in nearby Drage or Vrgada island, but the ones listed above should be most convenient since they are all within walking distance. You can surely pick your favorite among them.