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6 things that put Pakoštane on the map

1. Center where mountain connects river basin and island archipelago. A special feature of the Pakostane region stands out already at the first sight on the map. Located in the heart of the triangle of natural beauty that makes Paklenica, Krka and the Kornati National Park. Surrounded by protected area of outstanding beauty and the good conservation of the natural inhabited by plants and animals has a special place on the map. If you are preparing for a major study of natural diversity of the region, then Pakostane is the right choice for you.

 6 things that put Pakoštane on the map  6 things that put Pakoštane on the map  6 things that put Pakoštane on the map

2. Ethno-gastronomic delight. Experience a unique presentation of autochthonic traditions, dishes, desserts and drinks. It’s about summer event called "Materine užance" which is dedicated to women from Pakostane, mother and her habits in the past. In the old part of Pakostane, in the ambience of the little stone streets you can feel the spirit of the past, taste the traditional dishes made according to old recipes such as brodetto, cod, prosciutto, homemade cheese with olive oil, fritters, candied almonds and many others. Everything is accompanied by the old chants, harmony singing and a glass of local wine.

 6 things that put Pakoštane on the map

3. Historical spectacle "Vrana Knights". Learn about wealth history of local people in an original manner. Every year on schedule are various plays, knights' tournaments, presentations of traditional crafts, presentation of historical events in live. These days nothing will leave you indifferent.  Schedule your date with medieval sheer, knights, jugglers, the poor, meet the then customs and bring the best souvenir - experience. History has never been more interesting than in the days of the Knights of Vrana.

4. Diversity of coastal areas that suit every taste. Whether you are looking for pebbly beach, sandy beach , beach with bays, beaches suitable for children with shallow water, beach with the shade of pine trees, quiet coves and beaches with bars, these all can be found in one place- Pakostane.

5. The locals as friendly hosts. Smiles, kindness, good mood, here aren’t missing. Everyone is laughing the same in all languages, laughter is what connects us, it makes us alike, and experts say that also heals us. Holidays in Pakostane certainly will pull out a smile on your face.

6. Weekend triathlon event. From this year in collaboration with the swimming club "Dupin," Pine Beach for the first time organizes triathlon for the opening of  new summer season, it will last from 04th till 05th of June, 2016. Be prepared well, exercise a lot, follow the news about future events on our Facebook page, and sign-on event on the page www.pkdupin.hr.