On Your Vacation In Pine Beach

You're on a road trip with your friends or family and you've arrived at Pine Beach and wondering what to do?! We have some tips for you.

On Your Vacation In Pine Beach On Your Vacation In Pine Beach On Your Vacation In Pine Beach

Camp is a great place to meet new friends. Whether you are on the beach or at one of our bars, there are always different kind of people you can meet. Go on! Spend some quality time with your friends. You don't have to sit alone and get bored all summer... Go out, feel the sun and enjoy your stay at Pine Beach.

On Your Vacation In Pine Beach On Your Vacation In Pine Beach

Go to Pilates class. Pilates with elements of yoga is a great way to keep calm, be patient and stay fit. Round up some of your friends and try out something new.

Learn how to sail. We have  well trained staff with years of experience who will teach you all kinds of tricks, how to make every wind blow a great adventure.

Go to the beach, but be sure you don't forget your sunscreen! Don't forget to hydrate a lot, which is very important when you are in the sun for long periods of time. Also we prepared  small fruit snacks in the late afternoon for you,  just enough to fulfill your daily needs for vitamins.

Have fun at the amphitheatre. Every evening our animation team has a different entertainment programme. It starts with Mini Disco for the youngest and after that- live shows, karaoke, comedy program and much, much more. A little bit of something for everyone.

Forget what day of the week it is. Is it Monday? No, wait, it’s still Sunday. Tuesday? Nope, it’s Saturday. Why even bother with dates when THE FEELING STAYS THE SAME- FUN! FUN! SUMMER FUN!!!