Pine Beach Pakoštane - Safety Advisory


At Pine Beach Pakoštane we are dedicated to making your stay with us as fun and as relaxing for you and your loved ones as possible. And even though we have taken every precaution to make your vacation safe and carefree, we are sharing some safety advices with you, to make sure nothing gets in the way of your fun.


Keep the environment safe from fire

Any fire is always easier to prevent than to put out. Please be careful with any object or appliance that can cause a fire such as cigarettes, lighters or any electrical devices inside the resort, as well as anywhere outside the resort. Kindly note it is forbidden to light fires in open areas under any circumstances. If you see a flame or smoke immediately call 112 or the fire department directly on 193.


Protect yourself from the elements

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight between 10:00h and 17:00h, especially for an extended period of time. Wear comfortable, light coloured clothes and a hat. Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated and avoid leaving children and pets in a parked vehicle, even in the shade.


Be well equipped on your adventures in the nature

If you're venturing into the nature, regardless if on an excursion or private, make sure you are well equipped. Never go alone and always make sure you're wearing proper clothes to protect you from the elements and suitable footwear. Bring with you plenty of water, some food and a fully charged phone in case you would require help or assistance.


Keep your eye on the weather

Weather conditions can change suddenly so make sure you check the weather forecast when planning your adventures, especially at sea. Avoid going far from cover or shore if adverse weather is expected. If you notice the weather is changing rapidly seek a suitable cover.


Emergency contact

Have the emergency contact number 112 stored in your phone in case you require help or assistance. By dialing 112 you can reach the police, firefighters, medical emergency, mountain rescue as well as other associated services in case of an emergency. If you are in need of help, notice a fire or anything that might threaten you or others, do not hesitate to use it.