18.12.2014 // All inclusive holiday with new culinary delights - Blog - Pine Beach Pakostane
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All inclusive holiday with new culinary delights

Back in 1960, the famous adventurer and water polo champion Gerard Blitz, fascinated by the beauty of Pakoštane, chose this place as the first resort within the chain Club Mediterrannee. And this is how the impressive story of the many visitors to this resort began, as well as its glorious past making it a part of Pakoštane's cultural indentity. If you want to discover more about the culture of tourism in this area, ideally located between the towns of Zadar and Šibenik, visit this impressive photogallery. And if you're interested to learn more about the tourism and good times in Club Mediterrannee back in the sixties, you can check out this charming short movie.

All inclusive holiday with new culinary delights All inclusive holiday with new culinary delights All inclusive holiday with new culinary delights

There is always a „secret ingredient“ that makes a superb creation irresistible. Pine Beach Pakoštane keeps this secret, which has made so many of our guests satisified, in the tradition of its kitchen and restaurant. Many of our chefs worked for Club Med all over the world (Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Mexico), bringing back with them the best experiences of the culinary cultures and passed them on to their younger colleagues. In the history of Pine Beach, the restaurant was also the place for many entertainment programs, particularly for the celebration of the famous French holiday 14 Juliet, the fall of Bastille.

Robinson tourism, active vacation, traditional Mediterranean cuisine and all inclusive concept – these are the main features that have attracted numerous guests during the past decades. Photo albums all over the world keep the memories of the family vacations in Pine Beach. And best of all, the tradition of coming to Pine Beach is cherished over many generations. This was the most beautiful way to create a fusion of tradition and the past with the quality of the future through the constant development of this beautiful resort.
Along with those values and our desire to always give more to our guests, we can proudly announce the construction of the new restaurant and kitchen in Pine Beach!

Preparing for this major investment of building a new kitchen and restaurant (which will open its doors for the season 2015), we were carefully listening to the wishes of our guests whose all-inclusive experience is especially related to the culinary delights. The new restaurant will further improve the service that was truly impressive in Pine Beach all these years: during the season the restaurant hosts about 11.000 guests and our kitchen prepares an average of 285.000 meals!

The restaurant holds an important place in the history of this village and in the lives of our staff. This is best illustrated by the fact that the place for the traditional group photo of all of our staff (a kind of farewell to the 2014 season) was in front of the “old” restaurant with which they associate so many memories and experiences. It is not uncommon to find the members of the same family from Pakoštane or surrounding area working in our restaurant, showing how much this village is connected with the local community. And their hard work has not gone unnoticed! This year, our chef Jere received a nice tribute from our Czech guests for his "service with a smile and huge amount of effort" – written and drawn on the restaurant serviette :)

The new restaurant, which is being built on the site of the old one, will have 1.270 seats, and our guests will have 20 waiters and 45 kitchen staff at their service.  A part of the new restaurant will also be a large multifunctional hall that could in the future host new creative projects of our animation program, seminars, workshops, film screenings, or additional programs for the children in our Mini Club.

The new Pine Beach restaurant will be one of the largest and most modern in Croatia. The quality of service will be raised to a higher level, since the kitchen will be equipped with the best food preparation technology (it will follow the HACCP system, generally accepted control system of food safety during all stages from production to distribution). The famous Croatian culinary academic, chef Branko Ognjenovic, will also educate our staff in his culinary studio as well as in our new kitchen.

Relying on the long tradition, experience and knowledge of our chefs, and on the foundations of an inexhaustible source of quality agricultural products from Ravni kotari area, Pine Beach restaurant will be able to offer even fuller culinary creations.

Pine Beach Team