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Pine Beach bungalows - story never told

While thinking about the subject of our first Pine Beach blog ever written, we realized there are so many stories we want to share with you. But hey, wouldn’t it be fair to start a blog history with the subject Pine Beach is famous for? We want to share the story about how our bungalows are made and who are the people that build them. We want to share the background.   

Pine Beach bungalows - story never told Pine Beach bungalows - story never told Pine Beach bungalows - story never told

Every year, when the winter is coming to an end, several local people from Pakostane village come to Pine Beach resort in order to start one of the most important jobs in our company. That day starts tinny summer spark in Pine Beach because we all get a feeling summer is getting closer. After a silent winter when all that can be heard is the sound of wind bowing trees and sea waves hitting rocks, Sun is finally smiling from the sky. You can see people walking around with a big map talking which bungalows need to be repaired, hear the radio and carpenter’s whistling while measuring wood and beams, touch new bundles of reed and feel this first excitement of an upcoming season.

Once it is decided which bungalows need to be renovated and when carpenters prepare enough material, more local people are coming to actually start the renovation by removing old reed, fixing the construction and putting new reed on side walls and roof. Have you ever noticed that all bungalow roofs have four layers of reed? Did you know 2.300 bundles of reed are needed for making a roof of the smallest, two bedded bungalow? Did you know that we renovated around 300 bungalows in last three years?  And all this was done by local people who know every single detail of each bungalow type – from beam to nail. Have you ever wonder why is it never hot inside Pine Beach bungalows? Because our local experts know how to build a wooden construction that allows bungalow to breathe, letting the summer breeze flow through the reed, bringing the nature inside. (Psssst! The secret is in small space between the roof construction and side walls.) Such type of construction is being used since resort was founded back in 1960 and the knowledge was transferred from generation to generation.
There are 560 bungalows and each one of them has its name and each one of them was made by hands of local workers. In more than 50 years long tradition, so many stories about small bungalows made of reed have been told and all of them created and are still creating Pine Beach story. This is why these small bungalows are important for us. That is why the people who build them are important for us.

This first Pine Beach blog is dedicated to them and the people from all departments who, at one point of their lives, worked hard and gave their best for this resort and its visitors. You are important part of Pine Beach story.


Pine Beach Team