Pakoštane is a small Dalmatian place of 2,700 inhabitants, located between the four national parks: Plitvice Lakes, Kornati, Northern Velebit and Krka. It is in the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic Sea and the Vrana Lake, the largest lake in Croatia.

Pakoštane is a Dalmatian place on the Adriatic coast with a long tradition of hospitality and tourism, which is most certainly due to the unique location in the midst of the greatest Croatian natural beauties and rich cultural history created by the struggle for the right to enjoy these beauties.

The Roman port of Asseriae was previously situated on the location of Pakoštane (now Podgrađe at Benkovac) and the remains of summer residences and villas of wealthy Roman families from that era are still visible today. Vrgada island, which you can visit by ferry from Pakoštane, is mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogennetos, due to its unique location, as a strategic location for monitoring the Adriatic maritime route of that time. Today, you can find numerous beautiful bays for sunbathing and swimming at Vrgada island. In Vrana, near Pakoštane, are the remains of the caravanserai of Jusuf Mašković, built in the 17th century, which served as an inn, resting-place and residence, and today bears witness to the medieval Ottoman rule of these areas. Vrana and Pakoštane have already for many years been hosts of summer knight games that will spectacularly evoke the centuries-old struggle of the Turkish conquerors and the Knights Templar, who had their headquarters in Vrana.

Among the sights of Pakoštane, the most significant are the Church of St. Justin on the island of the same name in front of Pakoštane, built in the 17th century, and the Church of the Ascension of the Lord, an aisled stone parish church built in the 1906, according to the plans by the architect Ćiril Iveković.

Pine Beach is also a very important part of the history of Pakoštane tourism because it was established in the 1960s, just as Club Med Pakoštane, and therefore, it had a significant impact on the lives of many families in Pakoštane.


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20.04.2016 // Pine Beach Opening Weekend Sports Event

Pine Beach Pakostane and Swimming club Dupin invite you to our sports opening weekend!
Everyone from your family can find a race according to their age: cross triathlon, aquathlon or swim marathon.
Come and enjoy our beautiful coast, experience race adventure and have fun!

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