Blog - Pine Beach Pakostane
June 2024
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What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism Ecotourism

As a constantly evolving activity, tourism in the 21st century. faces challenges that carry certain responsibilities, but, in the long run, also benefits. People are increasingly traveling and enjoying all that tourism has to offer, but that is why we need to put the emphasis on sustainability and the environment. Ecotourism provides the answer to how to enjoy all that travel has to offer, while respecting and protecting nature and the environment, as well as local communities and cultural heritage.

Ecotourism is a form of sustainable tourism, which provides harmony and balance, both guests and tourists, as well as the local community and the natural environment. While classic tourism is guided primarily by service and price, ecotourism also takes other factors into account. Such factors are crucial in the long run. With the reduction of physical, psychological and sociological impact on destinations as primary, ecotourism builds a culture of mutual respect and well-being, both for guests and for the local community. We have always experienced a commitment to the same goals from the guests of our camp.


ECOCAMPING, the future of tourism

The guests in the camp are people who love nature and appreciate every care for the environment, and we want to offer them a pleasant holiday in untouched nature. In order to constantly improve the environmental protection, safety and quality of services in our business, we have established environmental quality management.

We received the ECOCAMPING award for our dedication.

ECOCAMPING is an association for improving the protection of our environment and nature, as well as the safety and quality of camp service.

We want to achieve the following goals:
• informing guests, employees, tenants and the public about our environmental activities and - wherever possible - involving them
• waste minimization and recycling
• efficient use of energy and water
• prevention of damage to sewage, soil and water
• designing and maintaining camps in a naturally oriented way
• avoidance of damage / pollution caused by traffic
• cleaning in an environmentally friendly way
• avoiding the use of materials that harm the environment
• sales and consumption of regionally produced products
• selection of leisure activities taking into account nature and the environment
• and of course satisfy our guests through high quality service.

For more information visit the website: This is Ecocamping


Pine Beach, eco resort

From its beginnings, in the middle of the last century, Pine Beach has been a unique form of resort, integrated into nature. Even then, we nurtured and respected some ideas, which are only now becoming generally accepted and which are only now beginning to be emphasized. The accommodation itself in a dense pine forest, right next to the sandy beach, was an excellent opportunity for optimal adaptation to the environment, but at the same time a challenge. The challenge is to enable guests to enjoy and relax, while minimally changing the environment and negatively affecting the sustainability of space and community.

Starting from the bungalows themselves, made of natural materials from the Pakostane area, without modern installations, to minimal interventions in the environment and nature, Pine Beach has always nurtured what is now called ecotourism. Utilization of solar energy, adequate and responsible waste disposal, natural and indigenous foods, and cooperation with local producers and the population, are only part of our approach to sustainable tourism. Numerous national parks near Pine Beach are also a responsibility that we must treat with adequate approach and care.

All of the above, as well as the ECOCAMPING award itself, is primarily a confirmation of the right approach to the challenges of modern tourism, but also a responsibility to keep the environment, sustainability and ecotourism as such, among the primary goals and be the backbone of future business moves and reflections. This is an equal thanks to our guests, on whom the development and shape of the camp itself, as well as the environment and the local community, depend equally.