Pine Beach Pakoštane is located near three historic Croatian cities with a very rich cultural heritage. These are Biograd, Zadar and Šibenik. Biograd is located less than 10 km from Pakoštane, while Šibenik and Zadar are half an hour away by car.

The unique location of Pakoštane enables easy visits to historic Croatian cities. These are primarily Zadar and Šibenik, half an hour away by car. Zadar is in the north and Šibenik to the south.

Zadar is a city that dates back to the prehistoric age and it became known as Colonia Julia Jader, most likely founded by Julius Caesar himself in 48 BC. You can see countless cultural monuments in Zadar. Most significant are the Roman Forum, the Church of St. Donatus from the 9th century, which is the recognisable symbol of Zadar, medieval walls and numerous churches dedicated to the patron saints of Zadar. From the modern attractions, the most famous one is the world's first Sea Organ, built to the design of architect Nikola Bašić. The Sea Organ enables you to listen to the sea and the music of the waves.

Šibenik is known as Krešimir's town because its name was mentioned first in 1066, in a document of the most important old Croatian ruler - King Petar Krešimir IV. The main city attractions are fortified monuments - four monumental fortresses: St. John Fortress, St. Nicholas Fortress, Šubićevac Fortress, and St. Michael Fortress- The most famous monument in Šibenik is the Cathedral of St. James, which has been listed in the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.


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20.04.2016 // Pine Beach Opening Weekend Sports Event

Pine Beach Pakostane and Swimming club Dupin invite you to our sports opening weekend!
Everyone from your family can find a race according to their age: cross triathlon, aquathlon or swim marathon.
Come and enjoy our beautiful coast, experience race adventure and have fun!

You can follow this link to make a reservation for accommodation in Pine Beach with special prices.

To make a reservation for the races please contact xtriathlon@pkdupin.hr.

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